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ETL Informatica Testing Course Contents


Data Warehousing Concepts


  Data warehousing Architecture (Concepts and Design).

  Introduction to OLTP, ETL and OLAP Systems.

  Dimensional Data Modeling

  Data Marts and ODS

  Fundamental roles of dimension and fact tables, Hierarchies and Summary/Aggregated Tables.

  Star Schema and Snowflake Schema

  Introduction to OLAP Technologies (ROLAP, MOLAP, DOLAP and HOLAP)

  Software development life cycle (ex: An Agile Methodology)


Informatica and DataStage Concepts and Overview


  Informatica and DataStage Architecture


  PowerCenter Tools

o   Designer

o   Repository Manager

o   Workflow Manager

o   Workflow Monitor

  Introduction to datastage server components

o   Repository

o   Datastage server

o   Datastage package installer

  Introduction to datastage client components

o   Datastage administrator

o   Datastage designer

o   Datastage director

o   Datastage manager (removed in latest version)



o   Source Qualifier

o   Expression

o   Joiner

o   Lookups

o   Sequence Generator

o   Router

o   Update Strategy

o   Sorter Transformation

o   Aggregator Transformation

  Sources and Targets

o   Working with Relational Targets

o   Working with Flat file Targets





ETL Testing


  What is use of ETL testing?

  Responsibilities of ETL Tester.

  Testing methodologies and Type of Testing

o   White box Testing.

o   Black box Testing.

o   Regression Testing.

o   Integration Testing

o   Performance Testing

o   User Acceptance Testing

o   ETL Testing / Work Flow Process.

  Design the Test Plans

  Design the Test Cases

  Testing through Database Queries

  Defect Tracking and Report

  Performance Tuning.



Oracle SQL Concepts:


  Basic Concepts in SQL (DDL,DML and TCS Statements).

  Writing SQL Queries with various functions

  Working and various Joins.

  Working on Sub Queries.

  Performance Tuning Tips & Tricks.




  Concepts of OLAP Tools

  Business Objects Reporting Tool



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