VBA Developer Training:

Course Contents:

  VBA- An Introduction

  What is VBA

  Why Usw VBA

  Why create Macros

  When not to use VBA

  How to record Macros


  On your Own

  Review Questions


The Visual Basic Editor: Introduction


  Start the Visual basic editor


  To show Window panes

  To hide window Panes

  To show toolbars

  VB Editor Window Components

  Visual Basic editor workspace Components

  The VB editor options

  Editor Tab

  Editor Format Tab

  On your own

  Editor Format tab

  On your Own

  Review Questions


Writing VB code- An introduction:

  The DOT operator and the object model

  The Object Browser


  Variables versus Constants

  The Assignment Operator

  How to identify a cells address


  On your own

  Locate the end of a range Of data

  Review Questions


Writing VB Code- Control Structures:


  Locate Your Position

  Navigate through Cells

  Read the value in a cell

  Copy and paste data

  Conditional Control Structures:

  If Statements


  Test the IF statement

  Work with Worksheets

  Conditional Control Structures:

  For-Next Loopa

  Creating Modules

  On your own

  Review Questions:



  Workbook events

  Intrinsic functions

  How to identify the current user

  Gather information with the input box function

  Display the file open or file save dialog worksheet functions

  User-defined functions


  Select case control structures

  VBA mid function

  On your own

  Review questions




  Steps to builds forms

  Excels pre-built form controls

  Create a form

  Set properties

  Add form controls

  Customize the toolbox

  Align form controls

  Program the form and controls

  The initialize event

  Show a sorm

  Form control events

  Input the code for thye stocks combobox


Final steps:

  Code the close button, create an open button

  On your own

  Review questions



  Lesson objectives

  Assumptions and pseudocode

  Chart data series

  Text parsing functions

  Pass variables between proceudures

  Turn off screen updating

  On your own


  Assumptions and pseudocodes

  On your own


Communicate wiith other office programs:

  Call windows programs


  Early versus late binding

  Disadvantage of early binding

  Simple variables versus object variables

  Trapping errors

  Connect to power point

  Connect to word

  Sendkeys command

  Connect to access

  Database connection strings and recordsets

  With/end with control structures

  Locate the current directory

  Custom toolbars and menus

  The commandbars object

  Excersise:view button faces

  Exercise:add a custom toolbar

  Error handling

  On error

  File properties

  The err object

  The goto command




  Macro security, macro passwords, and digital signatures

  Macro security

  The macro security level setting

  Secure your VBA code

  VB editor keyboard shortcuts

  Useful resources

  Highly recommended websites




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